08 October 2006

This is my brain on a layover

So, I have a two and half hour layover. Which will actually be over fairly soon because my co-worker's plane will be arriving, and I promised to get him lunch before we continue our journey home.

I have settled myself into the Northwest World Club while I wait. Free coffee and other beverages and snacks. Free is always good. And there is the ever helpful wireless internet, which I have been making use of:

Performed spam control on work e-mail.
Checked personal e-mail.
Did a search for Celtic Swan double pointed needles. (By the way, should anyone be wondering what to get me for Christmas, size 3 double points would be spectacular.)
Went here to see if they had any new fun tape measures. (Nope.)
Searched for fun handpainted yarn, although I don't know why, as I can't afford any. (Back to the Christmas thing: If you'd like to get me yarn, let me know. I can point you in the right direction.)
And now, I'm blogging.

As you may now infer from this post, my knitting mojo - somewhat sickly after last year's holiday knitting blitz - is back in full force, just in time for this year's holiday knitting blitz.

(Funny story: Knitting Mojo returned for a visit in July, where I was suddenly struck by a desire to knit wool socks. Lots of them. I started 10 pairs, plus I had 2 started from when Mojo went away. I've finished 3 of the 12 and started 2 more. I've have finished the first sock of most of my pairs. I'm experiencing major second sock syndrome.)

Surprisingly, as I tend to be a selfish knitter, I've completed four projects for others since October began. I'm feeling pretty good. And 77 days to go before Christmas Eve. Now, granted, most of these are not complicated projects. And some are not for Christmas. But I've got my brother and sister-in-law's done, and I can bring them out to California next week to save on postage. (When you've spent all your money on yarn and sundry, and pens, ink and sundry, saving on postage matters.)

Time to close up shop. Soon I will be flying home. Home to my kitteens. And the laundry. And the dishwasher. And new yarn. The last new yarn until the gift knitting and the current batch of sock knitting is done. (Please avert your eyes while I weep.)

Safe travels to all!