27 April 2008

Is there such a thing as too much coordination?

And, looky! A finished project!

22 April 2008

Osiris 2004-2008

Osiris, my beloved betta fish, passed on last night. He'd been with me almost 4 years.


This summer, he really got into sharing the Piddleloop love.


He enjoyed playing with his followers and offering advice.


He was a good fish. And I miss him.

09 April 2008

For Pets' Sake

I have been knitting. And real soon, I'll blog about it, but in the meantime, I have a favor to ask.

KTMay, a friend from Ravelry's Friends of P group, is trying to raise donations for the shelter that cared for her new dog, Vinnie, when he recently became ill. Vinnie is back home now and on the mend, and the shelter paid for all the veterinary costs. And there's a raffle of some very fine knitterly swag. So run to her blog and look at Vinnie's sweet face and give what you can.

PS You can still donate even if you have no interest in knitting.