11 August 2007

Always Playing Catch Up

I never seem to blog as much as I'd like. I'm winding down from the annual family vacation week. There was some drama before I left. Osiris's bowl got a crack, just as I was leaving the office Friday. It wasn't leaking water, but I couldn't just go and leave for a week. I had visions of his home giving way, and he'd be flushed out on my desk, flopping and eventually . . . . I couldn't do it. So I ran to the pet store and got him this:

I know it doesn't look it in the picture, but it's huge! He really likes it, though.

To make up for the fishy adventure, look what was waiting for me when I got home that Friday:

Piddleloop swag. Just in time for the trip. (Foolishly, I haven't taken any pictures of the yarn in this bag, yet. Don't be shocked, but it's a sock.)

Our Lake week went by fast. A friend came up from Chicago to visit. The family is doing well and all my little cousins are adorable.

Got back last Saturday and saw the Bourne Ulitmatum on the Sunday. There was some sock knitting.

The Knittery Merino 4-ply yarn in Moonlight purchased from WoolGirl

And somewhere in the blur of this summer, I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, where I knit on this:

That'd be Fearless Fibers in the October colorway.