04 January 2009

Micro's Day Out

Inspired by Squeemore Monkey's adventures*, Micro snuck out to partake in the family's low key Christmas celebration.

Imagine my surprise when I found him hiding in my mom's unfinished Popover mitten having sneaked in with the knitting.

It was a cold day, so at least he managed to keep warm.

Micro then proceeded to try and save the loaf of gluten-free bread mom and I were making for dinner

It was a complete failure, sadly. It didn't rise enough and didn't bake all the way through. Which made me rather sad, actually.

He then tried to help me out by reading the Popover pattern to me while I tried to finish them for Mom before her trip to Chicago to visit the grandparents.

Even though the trip was delayed, I did finish them on Dec 26. Yay me!

I'm making a pair for me, as soon as I'm done with all my Christmas knitting. (Four more projects to go . . .)

Getting bored watching the knitting, Micro went off to do some socializing.

They look all buddy-buddy there. He wouldn't tell me what they talked about, though.

Finally, Micro wanted a drink of wasail, but couldn't quite get to it.

Happy New Year, everyone!