14 December 2006


Dear Mom & Dad,

I guess she couldn't take it anymore.

Instead of eating her breakfast, Marble had to go out and explore.

I don't think Luke and Leia knew what to make of it. They really didn't bother her. Well . . . Luke did try and get close, but Marble growled at him.

Then, she went on the deck.

She nibbled on the bird netting.

And she didn't want to go back into her room.


13 December 2006

Marble Wellness Check

Dear Mom and Dad,

As you can see, Marble continues to be fine. She's taken to meowing in the morning when I don't get into see her as quickly as she'd like.

In doing so, she attracted a little attention, but there was a distinct lack of a fracas.

Luke, meanwhile, just wanted his morning cream.

See you soon!


11 December 2006


09 December 2006

Proof . . .

. . . that Marble is OK at my house. She's visiting while my parents are out of town. There was concern because my cats can be a little unpredictable, but so far, they're OK. Not completely oblivious to the cat living in the guest bedroom, but not obsessed, either. And Marble is either becoming used to Luke and Leia or she was really happy to get her blue blanket because she doesn't hiss or growl at the door as much. (My cats lurk.) Not that she was upset enough to let phantom cats interfere with Dragonfly Cat Toy playtime.

. . . that I still knit. OK, so technically the actual knitting was finished a long time ago, but I did actually felt it last night so that Marble would have something of her own. True, she has her little scratch mat and her catnip pillow and her dragonfly, and I retrieved her blue blanket this morning, but this she could make her very own. This, for those of you who wish to know: Kitty Pi from Wendy Knits. (And you can find Leia in the Kitty Pi gallery; she's on the right hand side, ten rows down. That Kitty Pi went to my then-future-sister-in-law's cats.)

I do still knit, though. I'm still working on the dozen plus socks I started this year, and I'm working on the Christmas presents for people. No one tell me how many days until Christmas. I work best in a relaxed state of denial.

. . . and finally, proof that Luke and Leia are OK with a guest. Well, at least one they can pretend is not there.

Soon, proof that I can cook. Or at least melt and mix chocolate. That oughta count, right?