14 May 2007

Sock Down! (and Done)

There was a sock mishap.


became this

when I realized that sock was too small. Now I'm waiting to cast-on again while I try to figure out if adding 8 stitiches will be enough, or should I add 16? The pattern does not allow for any give, so I'll confess to being a tiny bit paranoid.

But in other news, I designed my own sock! (OK, closer to how not to design a sock, but I'm still rather pleased with myself.)

These went really fast (US size 4 needles will do that). I also wasn't sure of yardage, so I made the leg a little shorter than normal.

Note to self: When creating your very own sock pattern, stop and think ahead before the knitting (which is where I did most of the actual thinking about the pattern.) If I'd been thinking, I'd have set the leg pattern up so it would have worked on the instep without too much jarring. What I did to clease the palate was one repeat of Undulating Rib, which I love, but didn't really work. Although there was a cool effect that I want to remember to play with someday.

I love how the instep turned out, though. (Not shown to best effect on a bottle, but you get the idea.)

Eye of partridge (eye of peacock?) heel which is also on the toe. I also love the garter stitch on the heel flap. These features where inspired by Cider Moon's Saucy pattern. And I think they work in this yarn (Fiesta Yarns Boomerang in Iris) really well.

I have since washed the socks, and I'm thinking I'd probably go down a needle size next time, but the Boomerang was a great yarn to work with! And I loved the designing part, so I'd like to keep up with that. But I need to knit some other socks to get a feel for different structures. Right now, I'm doing my knitting for The Loopey Ewe's Quarterly Challenge. One pair of handwarmers down and I've started a baby hat.

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