03 November 2007

Pretty Maids All in a Row

OK, so no maids all in a row, but I got Poppets (and Grim Ratter, who insists on chaperoning the Poppets when they travel)

and I've got gulls.

Our meeting room here in Corpus Christi overlooks the bay, and today was beautiful. I got to see the sun rise over the water.

I like Corpus Christi. This is my third time here. And this is twice now that I've gotten to stay by the water. My speakers and I walked along the bay (don't ask me for a name for I know it not), and I made a friend:

She appears to be a stray. I've started calling her Suss. She followed me and my speaker Thursday night, but disappeared while we ate. Then she came by to say hello yesterday, but got distracted by a couple with a dog. I wish it were possible to take her home with me, as she seems like one of those dogs who would be shy at first, and then such a big sweet heart. But alas. I hope someone takes her in and she finds a good, loving home.

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jen said...

awww she's such a cutie!