09 June 2008

I love my cats, but . . .


is what happens when you let the cat use your yarn bag as a kitty bed.

And it leads to lots of this:

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Kooshie said...

*ROTFLMAO* Yeah. I heard the Akitas bouncing around out on the deck and found them innocently shredding huge sheets of the deck guy's sand paper this evening. OOPS! This is why I don't have pets! Because I just gave them lots of loving and told them what awesome great watchdogs they are! (eew - much saliva involved!)

Believe it or not, I've, um, uh, er... Never looked at your blogger blog before. Tonight it occurred to me that I could, and so I did, and here I am. Hugs to you, sweetie. I especially enjoyed the pictorial trip down memory lane (e.g. Osiris and the green socks especially!).