13 February 2007


I've been thinking these last six weeks about what I want to accomplish in 2007. As I've said before, I plan big, but without much foundational support, and then my card house comes tumbling down in the slightest breeze. I spend the rest of my time lamenting my failure, until I realize that all the cards have blown away, and then I exhaust myself chasing them down. That is the ultimate pattern I would like to break this year. And to do it, I'm only going to focus on 3 things, instead of trying to change my whole universe at once.

1) My weight. I am entering my third year at Weight Watchers. Last year went pretty well. I hit a total of 60 pounds lost (which was just a bit past halfway), and then I ran out of steam. I haven't been able to get back on track since. I'm tired of writing down what I eat, looking up POINTS values, and feeling guilty when I don't. So, I want to finish the weight loss this year. I have a wedding to go to in June. Let's see how well I do.

2) Overspending. I do a lot of it. Mostly on a credit card. Which leads to much stress and a fear of bills. Bills, like taxes and death, are unavoidable. So, I propose to live my life without a credit card this year, working on the theory that credit cards are easier to pay off when their balances are not being added to.

3) Stopping the brain drain. I really feel my brain is starting to atrophy. I can barely think coherently, much less think critically. And I like to think. So, I'm going to read books and watch TV and movies with mindfulness, if not a critical eye. I will journal more and share my observations with you. I will share my passions and embrace my inner geek-girl. (She's very self-conscious and shy.)

I'll be exporing ways to stay on track, and suggestions are also appreciated.

And now for the gratuitous kitty pictures.

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