08 October 2007

Ah, Fall

Today finally feels like fall again! Actually, it took until the afternoon for the sun to shine. I was a little worried there for a couple of days. It's not unusual to have a bout of warm temperatures in autumn, but I wasn't used to the muggy (I kept expecting a plague of locusts). Or the rain. I ended up driving through a mini lake on the way to work Friday. In my defense, it was dark. I offer proof of fall in Minnesota:

This is a tree on my way to work. I love how it looks like it was dipped in paint. For whatever reasons, this year I haven't seen as many brilliant turning of the leaves.

Sock of the Day

Finishing my Zen Yarn Garden theme, I present my bamboo/merino/nylon blend in Sunny Orchid. I'm using the Undulating Rib pattern, which, sadly, tends to drive me a little batty. I really like the way it looks, but I wish I had played with it a little more. Maybe on the foot. Someday, I will get to the foot.

Socks in the Cities KAL

I finished 2 pairs of socks this weekend. (Total for the week is 3 pairs.)

First up Fearless Fibers Superwash Sport Merino Wool in October. Started these 5 July and finished 6 October. These socks . . . well, I didn't expect them to stripe, for some reason. And some moments I love the colors, and others I don't know what I was thinking.

Next up: Simply Stockinette socks (pattern from Knit Socks) in Cascade 220 #9411 Olympic Rainforest Heather and #9445 Autum Heather for the heels and toes. Started 26 December 2005 and finished 7 October 2007. Well, at least it didn't take two years. The second sock gave me fits. I had to rip back in two different places because I didn't take decent notes on the first sock. Made the toes a little wider than the pattern called for due to forgetting to decrease when I should have and being too lazy to rip back. (Easy to make those sort of decisions on the first sock.)

No post is complete without a picture of my cats.


Queen of the froggers said...

Cute cats! That tree is the most beautiful colours. thank you for the comment x

psychoactive toad said...

That first pair of socks matches the tree. That's a gorgeous picture, by the way - the tree, not the socks. Not that there's anything wrong with the socks.