02 October 2007

Lunchtime Posting

Progress on the 1st sock of the Socks in the Cities KAL isn't a heck of a lot. I finished the heel flap (after having to rip out 12 rows because I forgot I was doing a garter stitch border), turned the heel, and I'm now starting the gusset decreases.

As I have so many socks started, and I probably won't finish most of them during the month, I'm starting a Sock of the Day feature. (Just so I can amuse myself really. If you want to be amused, you can count how many socks I post during the month, and then have me committed.)

I present to you Interesting Path, in Zen Yarn Garden's Toreador colorway from the Art Walk Sock Yarn Club. The yarn in a merion/bamboo/nylon blend. I love it. I'm quite proud of myself for tweaking an estabilshed stitch pattern (Winding Trail) and having it turn out really well.

Luke ended up on top of the fridge this morning.

I got tired of him attacking the magnets on the lower reaches of the fridge. He managed to amuse himself with a bit of ribbon from Woolgirl. (She wraps all your yarn in tissue paper and a slim ribbon. The cats love both.)
Leia was amused.

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