10 October 2007

Gloomy Now

Outside it is. All of a sudden it's the harsh reality of fall. Moody and gloomy, chilly and dreary. At least there's not supposed to be any rain for a while. I feel a little cheated. What about the halcyon days of fall, where it's sunny and in the 60s? I actually had to turn the fireplace on last night. I'm hoping to hold out against turning the heat on for a while. Proof it's getting colder outside, here come the hand knit wool socks!

The kits seem to be enjoying the new temperatures. They have been dashing all over the house, cross rooms, on furniture (knocking down unsecured items in their haste), up and down stairs. Leia enjoys jumping into the car when I get home.

Luke has taken to flopping down in dangerous places, like my kitchen rug.

There's really not much room in my kitchen for a rolling cat. This is if he's not attacking the fridge magnets.

Sock of the Day

Twisted Shiney in Filanon. I'm using the Traveling Vine stitch pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. Siamese stitch markers from WeeOnes.

1 comment:

Maia said...

I love the rack of socks. I need to do that too.

You kitties look so cute!

Love the wee ones stitch markers too. I have a set of Boston Terriers and a set of sheep. They are amazing.